Posted by: Matt | September 26, 2007

Planes, planes and automoplanes…

Arrived into San Francisco at 9.30 last night California time, a mere two hours (and an extra flight) behind schedule. The flight from Dublin to Chicago was pretty uneventful. Spiderman 3 was the movie of choice followed by some kids film about a dog that becomes a firefighter. Made it through customs and immigration with no hassle so I now have a stamp in my passport which says I’m officially a legal alien.

Coming out of Chicago was a massive downpour so we were delayed
by over an hour, which of course meant that the St. Louis connection to San Fran was gone by the time we arrived. Solution – fly to LA and then LA to San Fran. Grea, another flight, there really is only so many times you can listen to the safety briefing in one day! After a mix-up with the seating arrangements I got handed my eighth boarding card of the day (the original three, two for St Louis – LA – San Fran, another two after a quick seating change, and finally a third card for St. Louis – LA after another quick seating change).

In LA it was a quick turnaround as we arrived at the departure time of the next flight. Fortunately it was a case of walk off plane, turn right, walk onto plane! Finally on the way to the right city, and finally got a window seat. LA to San Fran has a cool view at night, flying up along the coast, particularly with a full moon.

Arrived into SFO expecting to have to fill in a baggage report type thing but was pleasantly surprised that my bags weren’t in St. Louis and had managed to follow me on my diversion through LA.

So here I be in San Jose, chilling out this morning so life is good!


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