Posted by: Matt | October 10, 2007

It’s like Christmas!

I finished up work this evening roundabout 6pm knowing I had some good stuff on the way! Waiting for me back at the apartment(s) was a number of packages. In apartment number one there were two packages – containing a new guitar and a number of guitar related paraphernalia! In apartment number two there was a brand spanking new laptop. The guitar is an Epiphone PR-4E from Guitar Center. The pack includes an amp, bag, strap, strings, capo, tuner, some sort of DVD and cables. Not too shabby at all. The laptop is a toshiba satellite 1.9GHZ dual core processor. I also managed to pick up some extra RAM (just because I can). In the regular mail then I got a package from the new bank. Here was me expecting an atm card and a cheque book – instead I get six or seven cheque books and an order form for more cheque books as if I’m going to run out anytime soon! So I’ve got lots of stuff to play with for the next few days!


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