Posted by: Matt | November 12, 2007

Desert Island Technology?

A new poll from ‘Discover Science and Technology’ is a pretty predictable affair – The research shows that Irish consumers are heavily reliant on technology and science in their everyday lives”. Not the most startling revelation I’ve ever heard. The iPhone is likely to be the most sought after gadget this Christmas, the iPod is still the most popular gadget out there. It’s not as RTE claims the one item we can’t live without – that honour goes to the mobile phone. You have to wonder how RTE made that mistake as the mobile phone has reached 99% penetration with almost everybody owning one (or two, or three!).

The conclusions aren’t all obvious though. 19% of people would want teleportation as a future technology compared to the 3% that would like disease wiped out! Who says we value convenience over the important things in life? Oh right, yeah…


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