Posted by: Matt | November 13, 2007

Infinite Monkey breaks silence, walks the line…

So Josh Friedmann, the so-called infinite monkey thought to be at least partially responsible for all that Snakes on a Plane kerfuffle last year and writer of the upcoming Sarah Connors Chronicles has broken his ten month silence on his blog – and with good cause! (I’m too lazy to link to anything other than wikipedia right now!)

For the writers this strike represents an all or nothing gambit in a sense. They’re looking for a fair shake on the DVD residuals and internet revenue that the studios are currently raking in. DVD sales revenue for TV shows is huge these days (Hello! $100 for the last season of the Sopranos!)  and the writers aren’t getting their fair share (and precisely nothing for internet revenue because it is now deemed promotional despite the fact that it’s riddled with advertising all over the place and seeing probably about the same viewership as TV these days). It’s pretty obvious that the internet will be the primary distribution model in the future so now is the time for the writers to get their foot in the door of the revenue stream.

Having said all that most popular TV shows still suck – I’m looking squarely at you here ‘Lost!’

(*Shakes fist*)


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