Posted by: Matt | November 24, 2007

I remember it well…

Lisa Hannigan I’ve rekindled my one-sided love affair with Lisa Hannigan. (Some day it’ll be two-sided, some day, oh yes!). After reading RTE’s review of the excellent Cathy Davey’s new album, I happened to spot the related story that she would be performing on Other Voices again this year. This naturally led to watching her last appearance on the show, which led me to Lisa’s set and also the viewers choice reprise.

How could anybody not instantly fall in love with this woman? Several years ago, just as Damien Rice was beginning to generate a buzz, before the release of ‘O’ was the first time I saw her sing. It was Rag Week at Trinity and an acoustic gig of all the usual suspects in the Irish music scene was held in one of the Lecture Theatres. We had Damo Dempsey, Kittser, Mundy and Nina Hynes. Also playing was a special guest, who turned out to be Damien Rice. Damien was playing a gig up the road in the Olympia that night so he was popping in to play one or two songs, borrowing Mundy’s guitar to do this. He announced that Lisa was still soundchecking so she might be along later. So it was halfway through ‘The Professor & La Fille Danse’ that Lisa steps out from backstage, straight up to the mic and starts to sing the french part of the song. Wow! Talk about an entrance. Since then I’ve been enchanted by her voice everytime I hear it, whether it’s singing with Damien, with The Cake Sale, or while dressed as a pirate (actually especially when dressed as a pirate!).

Cannot wait for her long anticipated solo album. Due out sometime next year.


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