Posted by: Matt | November 26, 2007

Why God, why?

Earworms are the tool of the devil. Especially when it’s a terrible song, and you only remember the first line of the chorus so that’s all that plays in your head all day long. ALL day long!

My cochlea and its surroundings are currently host to a particularly horrifying elongated, fat, soft-bodied invertebrate. You all remember that terrible song ‘Jesse something or other’ from back in the day. You know, ‘Jesse paint a picture about how it’s going to be….something something something trailer by the sea.’ Admit it, you all remember it and you all hate it too. (Since you’re all dying to know it was by some guy called Joshua Kadison).

It’s wrecking my head. Why can’t I have ‘Go With the Flow’ stuck in there. It was the last song I listened to before I made it into work this morning. That would make sense and be far less annoying. But where the hell did this ‘Jesse’ song come from? I blame 98fm (a horribly middle of the road Dublin radio station). They played that song off the air for years and for some reason I used to listen to 98fm. (I’d like to say it was under duress but I’m afraid I can’t confirm this). Now years later the merest subconscious trigger (I’ve no idea what that was) has sprung this song back to the forefront of my consciousness.

Nothing for it really. *Starts whistling the music from ‘The Great Escape’*



  1. i don’t know this song. deadly! muhahahahaha

  2. Careful or I’ll send you an accidentally mis-labelled mp3…

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