Posted by: Matt | November 29, 2007

I know there’s a joke in here somewhere…

Anyone with information on the roughly 40,000 missing pints is asked to contact Kevin Street Garda Station on 01 6669400.

So some guy decides he might drive into the guinness brewery, hitch up a trailer to his van and drive off with €64,000 worth of beer. That’s 160 kegs of Guinness, 90 kegs of Carlsberg and 160 kegs of *ahem* Budweiser (no doubt thrown in the Liffey almost immediately) and drive off to Co. Meath.

But we all know where the real theft is taking place. If you’re still not sure here’s a quote from the Irish times.

The haul contained 180 kegs of Guinness, 180 kegs of Budweiser and 90 kegs of Carlsberg and has a total value of €64,000. In the pubs, the loot would represent approximately 40,500 pints and a whopping bar tab of approximately €160,000.

€160,000 if it was sold in a pub. From €64,000 worth of beer. That’s two hundred and fifty bloody percent. I don’t know where tax comes into the equation but bloody hell. That’s a hell of an increase. Somebody’s being fleeced anyway and not just Guinness


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