Posted by: Matt | April 17, 2008

Justice for The Turtles…

I’m not referring to the teenage mutant ninja kind, or in fact the animals of the order Testudines. I am of course referring to the band ‘The Turtles.’

What do you mean what band?

The turtles were very big (I presume) in the sixties. They had that song that was on that Heineken commercial with Jennifer Anniston in it. You know the one I mean. It was used at the end of ‘Shrek.’ Yeah that one. ‘So Happy Together.’

No it wasn’t by The Kinks. I don’t care what your mp3 player says. I know mine says The Kinks too, but it’s wrong. No it definitely wasn’t by The Beatles either. How is it that nobody knows who sang that song? People think of ‘So Happy Together’ and automatically think cheerful sixties band, must be The Kinks or The Beatles. Well it’s just not right. I demand justice for these most excellent examples of one-hit-wonders.

This post is now the official home of The Turtles (no longer under)appreciation society.


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