Posted by: Matt | January 25, 2009

28 Days Later…

I’m going to do it this year. In 1 month I am going to write and record an album. I said I’d do it last year and even went so far as to sign up to the RPM challenge. However this year I’m going to enlist some help to actually push me all the way to a finished product. I’ve proved before (thank you MMT) that I work well enough under pressure and to a deadline so the format should suit. So what needs to happen

  1. I need to come up with a new ‘Band’ name. I’m currently signed in as Teebor, but I’m intending on leaving that name behind me. It’s served me well as a start to recording music but I think a fresh identity is called for. I’ll post here as soon as I’ve come up with a name.
  2. I need to decide on genre most likely sticking to the Folk / Blues / Electronic style I’m used to but no decision on that yet.
  3. I need to write and record at least 10 songs during the month of February to complete the challenge.
  4. I need to blog about the whole thing every day as a stimulus to get me writing outside of music also another area I’ve not payed any attention to for the longest time.
  5. Outside of the challenge itself I need to set additional goals and targets for my own artistic/personal development this year. I need to push myself to be better all round!

So consider this my New Years resolution (Happy New Year all Oxen and everybody else by the way!!). Let the challenge begin!


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